Undo two changesets


I’m new to OSM and made a few edits, but two of them seem to have been unnecessary (related to adding a cycleway; the road it’s next to already declares having a cycle lane). The changesets are #69887880 and #69967043 The documentation says new users should not attempt to use revert scripts, hence I’m asking if someone is willing to undo them for me. I’ll be more careful next time :confused:

Thanks in advance!

As requested I have reverted both changesets.
One thing to note about routable “highway=" objects is that they should usually be connected to other "highway=” objects, otherwise they are somewhat dead ends.

In general you might also try asking for or seeking help in the Portuguese Telegram group. They are pretty active: https://telegram.me/OSMPortugal
Happy mapping!

Thanks for the undoing! I’ll consider that, and I’ll join that Telegram group! Regards!