Underwater Scuba Diving Trails

There’s an interesting discussion going on over on the OSM US Slack Tagging channel about how to map underwater scuba diving trails. There does not appear to be a well documented standard for mapping these as it would be difficult to follow and survey (no GPS underwater and requires advanced skill to access).

Currently, these trails are being mapped as highway=path. See an example here, in the United States. The paths may have ropes or some other linear indicator to allow the scuba diver to follow a pre-selected path around an interesting site.

What do you think?

Clearly not a highway=path, and to be honest fails the duck test as being any sort of highway.

Taginfo suggests, sport=scuba_diving but an overpass search for non-closed ways with that tag finds only these, so I suspect the mapper here can make up their own tagging, but misusing an existing tag that means something else wouldn’t be a good idea.