Unconnected ways

Just came across another unconnected way.

It is clearly visible that someone is “drawing” a map, not creating a proper entry for a GEO database like OSM.

It is absolutely necessary that the vector lines are connected if there is any way of getting from one to the other. In this case it is easily possible to walk from the steps of the bride to the road. So it should not just look connected when zoomed out or rendered as a map. It has to be actually connected.

In case there would be a fence or similar which prevents getting from one to the other adding a “noexit=yes” helps to make it clear that the way is a dead-end. If needed I can look for examples do detail such cases.

Maybe this is something Maproulette can help with?

Best regards

@Mishari: It could help fixing. But for that we can also use OSM Inspector.

The important point is that the most active senior mappers do it right to give a good example. And also give guidance to not so experienced mappers to prevent such things entering into the DB at first place.

This mapping style is an indication that the underlying data model was not understood.

So if any of you keep your eyes open when editing and help new mappers to do it right we have improved a lot already.
Thank you!