Unable to upload after cancelling out of an upload

After a long editing session I hit upload, but cancelled the upload in the box where you enter tags, etc. The upload process was never started. Now when I hit upload it says: “No changes to upload” The data is not on the server, naturally. I saved the osm file, quit and reloaded, but still the same.

This used to work, before my PC was upgraded to Windows 10 and the “Big JOSM core rework”.

Is there any way to save my work, or do I have to redo it all?


Not sure about that. New points, ways, relations have a negative ID value. Hence I’d look into (a copy of) the saved file with a text editor and search for negative ids. If they are still present, there should be some possibility for a new upload.

Sorry for the late reply, I have been in the land of almost no internet (Eastern Thailand).

Thanks for the tip, Bernhard. Since a lot of the work were changes I guess they are now lost. The big question is, do I file a bug report for something I’m not sure I can reproduce? Losing a couple of hours work to a bug in my eyes is a big deal. There are quite a few open bugs marked critical that are more than 3 years old…


Sure you can create a ticket. If nobody can reproduce then it will be closed as irreproducible at some point, but you can give it a try.