Unable to save changes in Openstreetmap

Dear all,

As a new user of Openstreetmap I’ve run into some trouble. Using base data that’s included in a public map, I cloned and renamed it to become a another (private) map. After a full morning’s work it turned out none of my edits were saved. I’m the only user of the map, but still I receive to follow pop-up when trying to save:

Woops! Someone else seems to have edited the data. You can save anyway, but this will erase the changes made by others.

Neither “save anyway” nor “cancel” lead to my changes being saved. Do you have any advice?

Many thanks!

Could you explain what you mean by " I cloned and renamed it to become a another (private) map"? What software are you using? What are you actually trying to do?

A little extra info:

I use uMap Openstreetmap to record places of interest (checkpoints, security incidents, buildings, refugee camps, etc.) for humanitarian purposes. Some of the data (e.g. many checkpoints) were already mapped in a previous, public map. I used uMap’s cloning function (under map properties > advances actions) to clone the old map, rename it and subsequently add new data relevant to my region. This to prevent interfering with work that a colleague responsible for a different region was doing simultaneously on this earlier map.

Does this help?

Aha, so it’s uMap, not OSM itself :slight_smile:

Someone here might be familiar with it; if not you can try one of the options listed at https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/UMap#Feedback_and_help .