Umap wrong version of saved map

I created a map, finished all edits on 8th January 2024. When I view today, it has reverted to an older version and I have lost my edits. I did create a .JSON backup on the 8th, but when I try and import this into a new map I get an error;
Skipping unknown geometry.type: umap
Two questions.

  1. Why would the map version revert?
  2. Why cannot I load the backup into a new map?

Not sure if this applies, but I also thought yesterdays edits had been lost but when I open Browse Data my features are still there and when I clicked a feature that layer loaded again.

Unfortunately it’s not displaying all the visible layers at any one time.

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On data loss I dare to speak out the most obvious thought: Maybe you didn’t save the changes? You get a warning, but when closing a browser with a bunch of tabs open…

The import error sounds like you have a mismatch between the import type you choose and the contained data to import. If you saved geojson (unlike umap) then you can import only items from it and not the whole map. Or more likely you saved umap and try to import geojson.

Of course you can voice this concern, however, in my case I absolutely did save the changes.
I noticed some ‘strange’ behaviour in umap for a few days before the data changed.