Umap newbie - possible to search for map locations?

I’d like to transition a large, ongoing mapping project that I’m working on from Google Maps to use Openstreetmaps instead. I’m using Umap to create my own user-defined map, but one of the things that I need to be able to do while I’m working on research is to be able to search the map for actual locations (that I haven’t tagged to my map yet) so that I can add them to my map. Only problem is, this doesn’t seem possible - using “search” only allows me to find points that I’ve already added. Am I missing something?

To simplify, my workflow on my custom map is:

  1. Search for location (using search - doesn’t work)
  2. Refine location (using mouse)
  3. Drop a marker, adding location to my custom map.

Step 1 doesn’t seem to be an option.