Umap: Lost map data, backup not working

I’ve created a map on umap three years ago that show dozens of lines (linked to a YouTube video). The lines are organized with several layers.

Today I added two new lines to an existing layer the same way I’ve done it all the time. Some hours later I’ve opened the browser, opened my map, and the complete layer is gone. I do remember that my two new lines existed, and I know that I’ve saved all the changes, and I’m absolutely sure that haven’t deleted anthing.

But the layer is gone.

I have a backup - some months old, but most of the data can be restored manually.

But: When trying to save a current backup throws a HTTP 500 (server error).

Where is the right place to create a bug report for these incidences? Losing data is quite awful, and not being able to backup is awful, too.


Self reply: currently seems to run V2.1.1.

The Changelog says for V2.1.2

fix datalayer data file removed on save by mistake (this happened after switching to UUID, when a datalayer had more than UMAP_KEEP_VERSIONS, due to a sorting issue on purge old files after save)

Conclusion: One shouldn’t make and save any changes in the moment to prevent data loss. :frowning: