[UMAP]Layer and my location cannot active at the same time

Hi :wave:

When using the UMAP website, I’m encountering a problem where the layer data(some trails I want to share with certain users) disappears whenever I use GPS to confirm my location. Is it impossible to have both active at the same time, or is there a way to keep the layer data visible while using GPS?

I am not quite sure should I ask a question about UMAP in the OSM community. Please let me know if it is not appropriate.

I do not know a better place for Umap-related questions.

Do you mean after clicking “Center map on your location” a data layer disappears and does not show up again? This is indeed not the expected behavior.

Hi, and welcome here.

I’ve tried it with one of my maps, and the data stays visible when GPS location is displayed.

You can search through the documentation, and if nothing avails, you should create a bug report on their issues tracker.