UK Quarterly Project 2024 Q3: Stale Data

The third UK Quarterly Project of 2024 (July, August, September) is on stale data.

Maintaining data is difficult. A well populated map can give the impression that it is more accurate than it really is. This project is to try and direct some attention on where the map may be less up-to-date than it appears.

For further details see the Wiki page at As well as getting involved in checking current map data, please also contribute any other ideas you have to the wiki page.


The 3000+ objects with obsolete postcodes in the “Old Postal Unit” section of your own OSM UK Postcode Value Errors page might be a good candidate for this project.

As it’s not already on the wiki page, I just want to mention EveryDoor as a great mobile app to confirm and update POIs, and it’s also available for iOS in contrast to StreetComplete


I’ve made a map (well, written an Overpass query) that lets me quickly see in which areas POIs might need re-checking. I know there are already a few options but I wasn’t really happy with any of them.

It looks for check_date first and if it isn’t set, looks at the time the object was last edited. It uses the same list of objects (shops, cafés, restaurants…) as Every Door.

Yellow dots are POIs that haven’t been checked in over a year, for red dots it’s been more than five years.

Posting here in case someone else finds it useful - just go to your area and hit Run.