UK - London - Can we include SMS codes in bus stop metadata?

TFL provides SMS codes at bus stops in London (I am not aware if this feature exists in the rest of the UK), that can be used to receive live updates of bus times. This SMS service, the SMS code explictly, is also used by an Alexa skill to allow a person to ask when the next bus is arriving based on the previous assigned SMS code.
Any chance we can include the SMS code per bus stop in the current bus stop data fields? I appreciate this may not be something that can be auto populated, but would be community driven over time. There might actually be a mechanism to auto-populate based on various public repo’s of the data, but that is beyond the scope of the question for now.
A sample code from a Bus Stop pole is here:
The code is obviously different per bus stop.

Seems this should have been dealt with by It’s not tagged in your example ref=59205 can be added according to