Uk; Chichester Marina/Channel mapping error

Hi, I don’t know enough ism mapping to correct an error in a specific map area at selective magnifications…
The map location is at Uk; Chichester marina; Chichester channel. At several magnifications, the Chichester channel of water doesn’t meet with Chichester Marina entrance!
At some highest/lowest magnifations, the channel of water and the marina meet, but many magnifications display as no water connectivity. Can this be fixed easily, and if so, how please?

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Are you talking about this area: ?

I can’t see anything wrong. Please check the other map-layers on our web-page (menu on the right). Clear your browser cache, this might help.


If you’ve got a problem at some zoom levels but not others it’s likely to be a caching problem.

However, just to be clear, which maps are you talking about here? Can you provide a URL that shows the problem?

I suspect it may be that a lock gate is involved, which also has a footpath over it:

At some zooms, the tiles privilege the footpath at the expense of the water.

This is typical of OSM as basically a landlubbers’ map. There’s an extensive OpenSeaMap project, and presumably at some point someone will develop some tiles that quieten down the land features and bring out the water features more strongly - eg, here.

Given that lives depend on the accuracy of maps rather more often at sea than on land, I’m not going to be using OSM any time soon when out on the water - sadly. It might have a good role as a harbour pilotage, though, as it can update more quickly than the published maps.

The thread caught my eye, as I have berthed there before …
The actual body of water in between the lock gates, was just drawn as a simple way (canal), with no width. So, while the marina and the coastline, renders correctly as you zoom in & out, the canal adopts the default render width for that zoom, and not the actual width on the ground.
I have added the boundary to the water in the lock so if user:pelangi can confirm if this has fixed the problem, that would be good.