Ugly street name / label is rendered at some zoom level

I recently added a couple of streets using potlatch - pretty strage shapes but I made it.

However the way the street labels appear at certains zoom levels are… a mess:


Ugly Label

Because of the “complex” shape, I edited the street by connecting different segments. Not sure if I did it right.
Any advice? By zooming in labels displays almost ok…


It seems you tried to enter all the street segments that have the same name as a single way each. That’s not cleanly possible for T-shaped (or even more complex) streets.

We deal with this limitation by splitting the street into as many ways as necessary to avoid having to go back on top of an already-drawn way. In your example, you need at least 4 separate ways to map Via Emilio Lussu, because it contains 3 T-shaped junctions. These ways should all have the same name tag, of course.

Got it, I indeed built the way as a single one, going back on top of already-drawn way; while I understand now I should just join different segments with the same “name” tag.

I’ll update shortly - thanks!