UAE Maps issue in Garmin Nuvi 2457

Hello folks

I am pretty new to this and I am really enjoying openmaps (and will dontate :slight_smile: )

I am downloading the map files in Mac, then using BaseCamp and Garmin Maps installer to install my maps onto the Nuvi.

Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and UAE all download perfectly, work in BaseCamp and install on the GPS. However, when I go to navigate by selecting the country, the UAE is not there and I cannot search for an address to navigate to. The other countries work fine.

Can anyone assist please.

Kind Regards


With the last update many things went wrong, index search files were not generated, typ files are missing and I see that the Mapsource installer is missing too.
You’ll have to wait and try the next update later.

Ahh, I see. Will do that, thank you