U turn location on road divider

Dear ALL,

I am from Pune and exploring the world of OSM.
A One KM long road with a road divider has a puncture halfway, at some 500 m, to take a U turn, without any road junction or crossing. Thus the route takes the end of the road (at 1 km), take U turn there and reach the location. An extra route of 500 m + 500 m is observed.

My question is how to achieve this? what attributes need to be assigned to the node at U turn so as to get correct route?

Also we need to work a lot on India Specific tagsā€¦
Somebody needs to write a nice HOWTO for this for newcomers like me.

Thanks & Regards.

to add a U turn it is common that you create a small way with an oneway tag, the way has the shape of the U-turn. You can find the correct tags in the Indian Road tagging scheme:
here a example:

A good tutorial is here:

Please use first the official tags, if there is nothing for you, ask here in the forum: