TYP file and MapSource

On your Manual page I was rather impressed with the improvement of rendering of OSM maps in Garmin MapSource using the Mapnik TYP file. I requested a country map with a Mapnik file and note that it appears in the list of downloadable files. But how do I incorporate it into the OSM map in MapSource? I think this question has been answered before but only in German, which would require a long struggle with a dictionary. I am less troubled by the rendering on my GPS (Garmin GPSMap 60Cx) which is different from the one seen on MapSource.

The typ file is incorporated in Mapsource automatically if you install the maps.
The rendering in Mapsource is indeed a bit different compared to your GPS, because it’s an older unit.
Maps on older units don’t look as fancy as on your computer or on more modern units.

Problem with 60CSx is that it supports limited number of colors and has a bit pale rendering of colors. If TYP file isn’t designed for it, then could look bad.

Yes, see http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=10032&p=1

Thats why I removed the Mapnik coloured line types from this typ file, so it will render only the default Garmin typ. This can be a reason that it looks totally different in Mapsource compared with the GPS, and it doesnt look like the Mapnik osm.org map anymore.

If you want a more Mapnik look, try the OSM Freizeitkarte, http://freizeitkarte-osm.de

Thanks for information. I’ve put the map with the Mapnik TYP file on to MapSource, but will use the one without a TYP file for my GPS instrument. The Mapnik information certainly improves the rendering of the map on a PC.

Screen shots form 60CSx can be deceiving, real device looks different then bitmap on PC :wink:
But I believe good TYP for 60CSx could be done, need only a bit work. Use for example TYPViewr, it shows all colors available to 60CSX.