Two newbie questions: addresses and multiple images


I have two questions related uploading OSM maps to Garmin.
I have uploaded several maps of the UK from
some of them installed on my Garmin GPS.

  1. I have uploaded a routable map onto the GPS unit.
    When I choose a location on the map and tell it to take me there, the GPS simulates the route nicely.
    Local routes that I know also make sense.

    The problem is that I cannot find any addresses.
    It finds the city (does not autocomplete) and the street (no autocomplete but does give streets with similar names), however, the exact house number is never found.
    Is this data simply missing from the map?

  2. I downloaded the map of (team OID) of Great Britain but I don’t understand how to upload it to the GPS unit.
    As far as I understand the GPS unit expects one .img file to be named gmapsupp.img and the zip file contains 27 .img files, one .reg file, one .tdb file, and one .typ

Many thanks,

OSM doesn’t have complete address data for the UK yet. It’s being worked on though.

I think these maps are designed for using in Garmin Mapsource. So if you have Mapsource, you can run the .reg file to install them. Then in Mapsource, you can use the “Send to device” option, which will create the gmapsupp.img and transfer them to your Garmin.

If you don’t have MapSource, you could try QLandKarte GT (free, available for Windows or Linux etc), which will let you view the maps on your PC, and send them to your Garmin.

Or if you just want to generate a gmapsupp.img from the multiple .img files, you can use sendmap (freeware).