Turning axels

Hi I know its is opossible to turn abjects horizontally along the X & Y axes.
Is it possible to turn them otherwise for instance verticalley ?

Could you give an example of a place and object which needs such precision? Because you can just use rotate + reflect + move.

Hi Maro21, it is a complex kind of building that is or has been sunken partly in the field here
https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.05254/5.52349 and this building here is the real footprint, https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.13465/5.45642 both bunkers out of WWII or the Interbellum in between.
They decided the work has got too dangerous after working around the bunker to continue so they left it without the complete disappearance of the building. There is only one wing visible today. And I am familiar with the JOSM editor options about copying, turning and so on. But this is another piece of cake I would like it to turn on or over the third axel in 3 dimensional drawings.
But is there is not a good way to do so Ill leave it like it is. The option of drawing it into a real 3D object is not my favorit.

As always, a photo of the real-life object would greatly help us understand what you’re trying to map.

I can’t figure out what you might be trying to do in the third dimension. OSM data is two-dimensional by its nature. When people map something in 3D, it’s only the tags that represent the Z-axis. Can you explain more about what exactly you’re trying to represent with the data? Only then could we suggest how you could accomplish that.

Hi Alester, thanks for the remark.
The handicap or rules in OSM makes the adding of pictures not possible.
The second link brings you right to the spot of another one, here
https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/52.13459/5.45722 which has been saved and has been given a monumentally status.
The building has been partly marked with temporarily arcing of the part that has been lowered beneath the surface.
But don’t bother to search for solutions of this problem, Ill work around it and survey the object again. Because IMHO it is not possible to build a 3 D object all over again.

People asked you to link photo in this discussion to better explain what you are trying to map

What are these lines https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1006608118 for?
10 km long?

Hi maro21, just to tell you which part of the building has been dug in or sunk, just by removing the ground which it stands on. But if you imagine to work beneath that weight, I would not advise it, to dangerous with a change to get buried with it. Ill remove them now they have been visible. The value is just a fake to trick the editor, it accepts keys as length + a value. I found that while building objects up to 0,01 m. The measurement is a kind of + & - system
#Mateusz could you tell me than which route the photo should take in the OSM region, IMHO it is not possible to send and ad that kind of attachments.