Tunnel not rendered in public openstreetmap.org

I noticed a long road (“strada regionale 46 della Valtournenche SR 46”) in Italy with 6 tunnels that are not rendered or shown, despite tunnel=yes already applied.

I’m talking about these ways : 106793303,106890255,110742859,29909394,106446421,29989436. This is an example clickable link: Way: ‪Galleria Chesoz‬ (‪106793303‬) | OpenStreetMap

I added attributes tunnel:name and tunnel:length, because layer=-1 was already present, but tunnels are still not rendered.

Road and tunnels are not new, not in the reality neither on openstreetmap.

thanks you

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Oh, that was a confusing case. Initially I expected that yes value of tunnel has some typo or that there is extra road drawn there on top of it but overpass turbo and overpass turbo found nothing suspicious.

After being confused for a moment I realised that Relation: ‪Strada Regionale 46 della Valtournenche‬ (‪1825502‬) | OpenStreetMap was incorrectly tagged highway=secondary

One of effect was drawing extra road on top of correctly marked tunnel.

I edited it.

But (for now) editing relations does not trigger rerender! I edited also nearby forest to force it. (EDIT: relations now should trigger rerender)

Then you need to flush browser cache to see this changes, see Browser cache - OpenStreetMap Wiki

If there are other tunnels you may need to edit something nearby to get them drawn properly (or wait for map style update when all cache is invalidated).

Maybe other nearby relations also may have similar mistake? overpass turbo found also Relation: ‪Strada Regionale 22 di Saint-Nicolas‬ (‪12251977‬) | OpenStreetMap that I fixed. Scan in larger area may be a good idea.

this is not needed, way geometry already has length

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That is no longer true - as of a couple of months ago it should do so in most cases.

I’ll pay extra attention to that and see if Ctrl+F5 to flush cache is enough to get something to be made inner in scrub or wood will loose the symbols swiftly after correction, without moving a node.

tunnel:length, yes, not needed, if mapped accurately, just yesterday one like overdrawn by 50-60 meters. Since it’s signed below the name post I’ll tag it together with tunnel:name and not to forget a maxheight=default/below_default so that lorry routers get the signal they can take that road at the start of the route and not be doing the ceiling scrape.