Trying to write an article about edit OSM for Thai Pokemon go Trainer

As you may know, Pokemon has changed from using google map to OSM. I found that a lot of map piece is missing. So I am thinking about writing an article in Thai language about how to edit OSM via Smartphone IOS // Today is the first day of my joining OSM Forum, there is a lot of thing, I do not know about edit the map, street stuff.

Here is what I need advise from you guys. Which app consider the easiest to edit street on OSM. I will study it and write article about it. If we are lucky, we may have plenty Pokemon go trainers complete the map, it is good for all of us.

If you have some kind of complete article, just need to translate into Thai, It is very nice and save me a lot of time. I would translate it for free.


As far as I know, the choice of editors on iOS is quite limited, especially considering that Pokemon Go! users would probably be more interested in adding missing streets than tagging POIs. The only major app I’ve found is Go Map!!, which seems to work quite well, according to reviews.

There are learning materials available at , but the site isn’t available in Thai. There is a Thai version of the beginner’s guide in the Wiki, but it’s not quite complete, and already a bit outdated.

PS Oh, and also, welcome to OSM!


welcome to OSM. I appreciate your offer to help in mapping Thailand.

Be aware that editing can be a quite complex topic. One mistake beginners often do is to be too excited about mapping and trying to map everything to an unusual level of detail.

Best advise I give is to start slowly and get used to the customs and conventions regarding mapping. Best is to get in contact with other experienced mappers to review the edits and be certain it follows established best practices.
If you can, meet in person with other mappers for having a chat about OSM. Often described as Stammtisch.

There are lots of grey areas and corner cases where mapping standard is disputed or at least not as clearly defined as a beginner would need it. This is one of the weaknesses and strengths of OSM. Best is to avoid hitting such things while starting with OSM.

I recommend NOT to use apps to do mapping. Either use iD if it has to be browser based or use JOSM which is a bit more powerful but needs maybe some introduction to get started (some people consider it more complicated to use an application compared to a website).

It might be a good start that you begin mapping yourself, get your edits reviewed by some of the more experienced mappers and make notes about where you struggled and what needs to be considered. This is a good start in writing a tutorial or extending the existing ones.

Specifically to highlight: Do not put non-existing things into OSM for the purpose of having some benefit in Pokemon or change existing tagging to have benefits in Pokemon.

Please keep asking if something is not clear. I am also quite certain we have enough people to offer to proof-read your Thai language tutorial and to point out areas which might need further clarifications or details.


Hi and welcome to OSM.

I have not yet seen a guide for “Trainers that want to improve the map” in english. Please consider providing your guide in both english and thai.
I suggest to use a real editor instead of an app on a mobile phone. Starting with an app where the map is currently empty is likely very hard.

The content on can be translated. A good start could be to learn the first steps and then translate them to Thai once you understand them yourself.

For the map itself I would start by laying out the big shapes first by drawing over satellite images. Start with the big streets, rivers, populated areas and then add the park areas and meadows that people associate with Pokemon Go.
To add paths to the parks you can draw over Strava heatmaps where the paths are hard to see in the available satellite images.

A mobile phone can be used to collect street view images with Mapillary. You (or someone else) can then use these images in the editor to add details to the map. This allows someone with almost no knowledge about openstreetmap to still collect information to add to the map by just walking / driving along a way that you want to add to the map.

There is a list of the main area tags related to creation of Pokemon nests. Please do not add fantasy parks, but use the list as hints on what to map with a higher priority to make Trainers happy.

But the most important thing: have fun mapping :slight_smile: