Trying to get building data using osmnx python

Hi, I am trying to get buildings data of a specific bounding box or polygon. I am getting buildings data using ‘features_from_polygon’ and passing params as tags={‘building’:True} . However, I am facing an issue wherein the retrieved dataset appears to be sparse, with roughly one or two building recorded per approximately 25 square kms within the specified bounding box.

I am seeking assistance from the community to understand if there are alternative approaches or additional parameters.


Is returned data matching what is mapped in OSM? See

If not, please share your code and location

Yeah sure , I am passing a polygon covering the area


def fetch_building_data_from_place(bbox_polygon):
    shapely_polygon = Polygon(bbox_polygon)
    buildings = ox.geometries_from_polygon(shapely_polygon, tags={'building': True})

    return buildings

Is returned data matching what is mapped in OSM? See

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No its not , I am assuming that means it does not have the latest data …??

Is there any better or similar sources which you are aware of that I could use ??

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It may mean that this area is not yet mapped well in OSM.

You can try mapping it (click “edit” button and follow instructions). You can look for other datasets like release by local/national government (which may not exist or have bad licenses) or automatically generated pattern matched datasets like Bing Buildings (which quality ranges from low to terrible, which may still be good enough)

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Alright thank you.