Trying to determine why some reverted my changes at N41.803 W88.203

This intersection has been rebuilt over the last two years.

Both the Bing satellite imagery and the Landsat imagery are not current and do not reflect ground truth.

The intersection is now a diverging diamond intersection similar to .

If you want to see its appearance now, then Google Earth has a current image. I specifically did not use that image to update the intersection.

I know that the ramps were not moved nor significantly enlarged by personal experience over the time of the rebuilding; but, the bridge was widened and the pedestrian ways were placed between the now separated lanes. On the basis of my personal experience driving through the intersection on IL-59 in both directions, I corrected the topology of the intersection to the best of my ability. The lanes I know and I stated so were possibly slightly misplaced east-west because I did and do not have a good measure or source for the amount of bridge widening and lane movement that occurred.

The intersection had startled me as for a short distance, left-side driving occurs. Because that section is divided highway, it does not have to marked as left-side driving.

Someone either reverted my changes or removed them by redrawing the intersection.

How do I stop people from ruining my work without explanation?

Oops, the location is N41.803 W88.204.

Using Potlatch 1 to look for deleted ways at I can see which was edited by you and then deleted by someone else a couple of months ago. I’d suggest commenting in the changeset of theirs that deleted it to explain that you’ve been there, and the imagery that they used was out of date.

One thing I’ve started to do is to add an empty line along the unused part of the out of date imagery and add a note “Note: Bing 20xx imagery is out of date because of new configuration”.

Are you the same user who made the discussed changeset mike140?

In OSM any user can modify previous work at any time (for now, there is no such thing as readonly elements) but that doesn’t implies that you (or any other user) cannot ask for an explanation to the user who did it.

There are some tools to watch for changes in elements, being “history” button in the most visible,

No, different Mike