Trying to delete a house

When I search for “79 Superior Drive natick, ma” from, I get two results:

“House 79” & “Building, Natick Amvets Post 79”

“House 79” does not exist in real life.

When I click on “House 79” there is no house on the map to click on and be able to delete.

I am an officer at this Amvets Post, and I am trying to correct the map.

What am I doing wrong?

These are the objects:

No idea why the 2nd is represented as a building, as it is a highway.

I cannot see the problem. Find them at
but the last one has recently been edited - if you tried at about that time the results may have been confusing.

And by the way, welcome to this forum, and to OSM in general!

Nominatim still shows the wrong result “Haus” (German for building) for the highway and the marker is at the wrong spot. What can be the reason?