Truncated data error

Hi I am am just atarting with openstreet maps and I am trying to get an instance set up ona stand alone computer and running into problems.
I am trying to load berlin-latest.osm.pbf file from ,. I am using the command
osm2pgsql -W -d osm berlin-latest.osm.pdf --number-processes 8 -C 8000 --slim -S
and I keep getting the error

Using PBF parser.
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘osmium::pbf_error’
What(): PBF error: truncated data (EOF encountered)
Aborted (core dumped)

I am using the latest version of osm from github, I am using postgresql-9.3.

any help for why I am getting this would be great. I downloaded the file three times thinking I had corrupted it but I still keep getting the same error.


I assume that your Berlin file is the same that you get via … or not?

Do you have the same error when trying to import the OSM data file for Hamburg or Bremen?

I’d check the md5sum of the file that you downloaded. There are md5 sums on the individual pages such as: