Trucks must use right lane

There’s a new intersection I’m trying to tag that has a requirement that trucks must use the right lane to make a left turn. Scenario:

  • Left turns left
  • Right lane turns left and right
  • Trucks must use the right lane to make a left

Is there a proper way to tag this in OSM? I know several routing software gives lane guidance for cars and/or trucks and would like it to show to use the right lane if a truck.

turn:lanes=left|left;right as usual, plus hgv:lanes=no|designated to keep trucks out of the leftmost lane.

(If, hypothetically, the rightmost lane were normally a through lane except for trucks, then you’d set turn:lanes=left|through turn:hgv:lanes=|left;through to override the turn lane indications just for trucks. This is more common for bicycles, buses, and taxis.)

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