Truck Court (Docks)

Is there an established way to map “truck courts” (not sure what the non-US version is) and trailer parking? Truck courts are basically the areas at buildings that trucks pull up and dock for loading/unloading. Typically truck courts are ~60-100 feet from the building and I believe should be tagged similar to that of parking areas, but obviously named differently. Trailer parking is just areas that trailers are parked for a semi-extended period of time. Trailer parking can usually be easily identified by a ~5-10’ concrete apron where the legs of the trailer rest, but the rest is typically asphalt.

Some examples are below.

Truck courts extend from both buildings (concrete for ~60’ and then asphalt)

Truck courts extend from both buildings with trailer parking in the middle

Tag:amenity=loading_dock - OpenStreetMap Wiki perhaps?

Are you looking at something like ?

All for the same company e.g. Amazon, or different companies at every door?

If it’s all the same, despite the wiki saying node only, I can’t see a problem with drawing a way along the wall of the building & tagging that as “loading dock”?

Or if different companies, adding a separate node for each!

I don’t think it makes sense to have a special area for trailers.The problem is it can be assumed that there must enough space for a trailer. Otherwise it is unsafe to use that dock. If it is not obvious than there should be a trailer sized parking space at each dock.

I do like the idea of amenity=trailer_parking.

I have occasionally mapped such truck parking areas using schemes similar to amenity=parking access=no hgv=private

This has benefit of marking this as parking for various processing (say, land-use info for some research), it does not mark parking as usable for people and even carries info about size of parking spaces fitting trucks.

Tag:amenity=loading_dock - OpenStreetMap Wiki can be used for loading docks

Some of these warehousing logistics buildings have 30-40-50 bays each side so maybe add a capacity tag (for those who like to count them out).

Maybe man_made=loading_ramp

I think UK equivalent is likely to be “service yard” or something “yard”. Currently these are mainly mapped as highway=service, area=yes, access=private. Unfortunately service=yard has been preempted by railway tagging, but there is a very small usage with highway=service (for instance 39 uses in England).

I’d also take a look at landuse=depot, although in it’s original intention it was very much for transport depots.

I would suggest area=loading around where the trailers rest when at the loading dock. Trailer parking is just regular parking except with hgv sized spaces. Parking in the loading area would likely get you fired as truck driver.