Truck access restriction data on Aus OSM

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I am new here. On the weekend I was speaking to my Trukkie mate and he said that there were no reliable trucking navigation options in his opinion for b double trucks or other types of trucks which have restricted access to certain routes ( I was hopeing that OSM may have these mapped already, but when I look at the data I can not seem to find it on the maps.

The OSM wiki does provide for various restrictions:
so hopefully it may just be a case of marking the routes and applying a tag.

Does anybody have any advice on this?




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New map is online, New is more Country New Zealand.
I will make more countrys in this map.
OSM Transport Map

Map for Truck and Cars and Home Cars

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Hi all,
I’m also looking at this, specifically adding National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Data.

I’ve added to the discussion page, my wiki formatting skills are weak :slight_smile:

Any help or feedback regarding this would be awesome.



It doesn’t look like we have the right licensing to include that data. Which data specifically would you like to see in OSM?

maxheight and maxweight’s can be mapped from signposts, but I admit this data is mostly lacking in OSM.