Trouble Viewing a Map

After Editing, I view the area Ive edited online, and yet there seems to be many things that dont corralate to the offline map I have infront of me. Does this happen to everyone, or am I making mistakes, cause it kinda drives me nuts.

What I have:

What I want: (photoshopped)

  1. Segments of road seem to vanish
  2. Segments of road seem to assign themselves with random properties on creation, unlike any of there neigbouring pieces
  3. Roads that Should be a certain type (A road in this example) are still just light yellow)
  4. The motorway degrades and then disapeears
  5. Slightly Different, but theres 2 A road types on most maps, (OS being green and red)…but I can only find the option for ‘primary’ roads

It’s the viewer, the ond one had roads vanishing like that too. Bear in mind that the new one is still pretty rough.

Ok, cool, as long as it aint me, then I no I’m not putting my self threw unnessesserry torcher

I don’t think it’s worth starting a new topic, So I’m gunna stick it here, irrelevent though it is.

Railways: Should the lines be doubled if there is 2 sets of 2 tracks there. Yes/No?

I ask, cuase I just did a single line before, but last night I was just cruizing Round the MK region, and came across a double line for the rails. Excluding the un parrellness of them, and The fact the lines kept swapping over, they seemed to be the same as a dual carrageway. I can only asume that there was 2, as there are 2 sets of 2 lines in reality…the Highspeed and low speed lines.

The other thing that came to mind, is that 2 people created them without checking if the routes had already been done…

But Anyhow, Should the amount of lines be relative to the amount of tracks?