Trouble creating cycling maps with Grountruth and cycle rules

I’m new to this and just started creating maps.

I followed the instructions on wiki to create images that load into mapsource with GroundTruth

All goes ok, until i try to render the maps for Cycling.
using the command:
groundtruth makemap -rules="groundtruth makemap -rules=“
i get the following errors:
C:\groundtruth>groundtruth makemap -rules=“

GroundTruth v1.5.205.6 by Igor Brejc
Generates Garmin maps from OpenStreetMap data
Licensed under GPL v3 license
Visit for more info

TASK: Generate map polish files
Fetching standard Garmin types dictionary from ‘Rules/StandardGarminTypes.txt’…
Fetching character conversion table from ‘Rules/CharacterConversionTable.txt’…

Scanning map data…
Loading OSM file ‘output.osm’…
Fetching rendering rules from ‘
ERROR: System.ArgumentException: Line colors value missing (line 259)
at GroundTruth.Engine.WikiRulesParserBase.ThrowParseError(String errorMessage
Format, Object[] args) in d:\MyStuff\BuildArea\Sandbox\GroundTruth\trunk\GroundT
ruth.Solution\GroundTruth.Engine\WikiRulesParserBase.cs:line 167

If i run the same command with the rules page for Hiking or Driving, everything goes fine and they load into mapsource.
Anyone know how to get the Cycling reendering to work???


I’ve managed to find another page with rendering rules for Cycles.

this command now builds maps that load into mapsource:
C:\groundtruth>groundtruth makemap -rules=“

does anyone know how to get this working in linux, specifically Ubuntu?
I can’t get it working, had to resort to virtualbox.

dan. :slight_smile: and :slight_smile: