Tree Survey mapping

I have a private woodland and need to tag each tree with a unique ID, and metadata. The land is private so the tags are of no use to public but i need to share with tree guys. The woodland is inspected regularly and where work needs doing I have to share location etc. Id like to be able to walk thro wood with a gps enabled 360 video camera and then tag the video with tree ids allowing tree surgeon to locate tree easily by searching metadata within video using gps enabled tablet.
A database of trees in excel/csv/kml format would also need to be produced but i think ive cracked that.

I have used google my maps. Gaia GPS and now leaning towards umap.

Any pointers with examples please


what examples do you need?
Examples for adding the trees in uMap, to add the elements in uMap? Do you already have the trees in a geospatial format?

I think one issue is getting highly reliable coordinates for the trees from a consumer grade GPS, particularly with the clutter associated with woodland (even during the winter). I would suggest supplementing the GPS co-ordinates with a back-up of traditional measurement. Have a few standard control points in the wood which you have a good chance of getting highly accurate co-ordinates (e.g…, by multiple GPS locations, or using a feature which is accurately located on open data: e.g. in the UK some OSGB open data products). A 30 m or 50 m steel tape can then be used to measure from those points to individual trees, or from a tree to it’s near neighbours which will allow the GPS derived coordinates to be made more precise.

A more high tech way is to use differential GPS, but that’s a) more technical & b) a lot more expensive than a steel tape!

You can get an idea of what tree data can look like in Umap with one I built recently which contains some open data from my local council (also the same trees mapped on OSM gives an impression of aspects of imprecision, as does this group of trees, which I keep meaning to revisit to make the locations more accurate). You can incorporate images & other text within the umap popups (or as a side panel).

I presume that you may not actually put identity labels on the trees themselves, although providing they stay on does reduce the danger of the wrong tree being felled.

Best of luck,