Traveltime in yournavigation reply


It is my first time here on the forum, so I don’t know if this question has been asked before.
The problem I have is : when calling the yournavigation api through a webservice to find a route, I get strange results when switching between shortest and fastest route.
These are parameters in the call to the webservice:

Complete call :

This should return the fastest route, results are : distance 23.1 km, traveltime 27.9 min (data from the resulting XML)
However, when I change the fast-parameter to 0 (to get the shortest route), I get as results : 21.3 km and 11.6 min.

What am I doing wrong ? and how can I get the correct results ?

Thanks in advance

The first method uses the average speed for each type of highway to calculate a best route (the shortest time), it will prefer higher highway classes. The second route calculates purely on shortest distance, I’m not sure how the time is calculated.

Hello Lambertus (fellow Apeldoorner :))

Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately I still need travel times, so I’m afraid yournavigation won’t be of much use.
Anyway, thanks for support