Traveltime == 0 just using API webservice

Hello everyone,

Im new working with openStreetMap and I started using the 1.0 version of the API , but i found that some coordinate paths return traveltime=0 and the distance calculated is different than the one the website calculates, by the way the website gives traveltime with the very same coordinates… Am I missing something?

The coordinates I am having problems with are these:

Thanks in advance

Some clarifications:

You are using version 1.0 of the Yournavigation API, and NOT the OSM API (which has version 0.6 currently)

And: the “main” website is not able to calculate anything about traveltime.

Have a look at about other online routers … try your routing there and report here.

Developer of is … you can try to contact him.

Oh , my apologies , thanks a lot for your help with this i really am lost.
My sincere thanks and i wish you a happy new year 2015. :slight_smile: