Transport Map in Windows program


I like the Java program “Atlas” for its “Transport Map”. Unfortunately the map tiles now get an Overlay “API Key missing”. The successor of Atlas, “Cruiser” hasn’t the Transport Map built in. So I looked where the Transport Map comes from. Across “” I came to “”. I assumed I can add it to Cruiser, but the option isn’t avaliable.

  1. So I am asking you for a Windows program where I can add Online OSM PNG maps (see here for the format that sounded pretty Standard: “”), preferably with a cache.

  2. Since “” builds its own Transport map and publishes it as png I assume I can’t get their Transport map as Vector graphics and have to dig deeper in OSM sources, am I right? My ultimative goal is to have a Transport map in an Offline Map Viewer like “Basecamp”, but I don’t insist on sticking with Basecamp by the Way.

Greets Hansebenger

If you want to use those tiles, follow the link at the bottom of the page that you mentioned, and contact the creator of them.

I know how to use these tiles in my browser (see, but I lack a program to make it comfortable, what is what I ask for.

Edit: I have found a program: Marble ( Map integration is pretty forward (File > Create a new map…)