Transnistria border fix

Transnistria (also called Pridnestrovie or Pridnestrovskaya Moldavskaya Respublika - PMR) is an unrecognized country between Moldova and Ukraine. Internationally it is seen as a part of Moldova, but in fact it has its own government and is nearly completely independent from Moldova.
In OSM we map what’s “on the ground” and therefore Transnistria and its borders are on OSM.

However, the borders are not correctly mapped. Transnistria claims some territory which is outside of its control. Moldova in return still claims all of Transnistria, but has agreed to setup an autonomous region that would encompass most of the territory controlled by Transnistria - but not all of it - IF Transnistria ever returns to Moldova.

In OSM, there are two “Transnistrias”.

The borders of both of these "Transnistrias" are not correctly mapped.

Let’s talk about the de-facto Transnistria first, as this is the one that actually exists. I will refer to it as PMR from now on, as it is how the separatist authorities call themselves.
Here are the concrete issues:

  • Varnița, north of Bendery - is mapped as part of PMR. It is claimed by PMR authorities, but controlled by Moldova. It’s mapped as part of PMR.

  • Copanca, south of Kitskany. It is claimed by PMR authorities, but controlled by Moldova. It’s mapped as part of PMR.

  • Rogi - disputed village, both parties claim they control it. Apparently it is controlled by the PMR, as it was recently visited by Transnistrian president Shevchuk and PMR authorities maintain the local administration.

  • An area north of Dubossary, consisting of Cocieri, Molovata Nouă and Vasilievca further east. The whole area is mapped as part of PMR, but its controlled by Moldova. Only the highways seems to be under Transnistrian control.

  • Corjova/Korzhevo is also part of aforementioned territory, but control seems to be split between PMR and Moldova.

  • An area south of Dubossary, containing the villages of Coșnița, Pîrîta, Pohrebea and Doroțcaia - claimed by the PMR, but entirely controlled by Moldova. Still, it’s mapped as part of PMR.

This is the most accurate map of the real situation I could find. The only error seems to be the village of Rogi, which is not controlled by Moldova but mapped as part of Moldova.

Is there anyone willing to fix this (or at least help doing it)?

Assuming the source copyright claim is correct, the licensing for this map requires it to be attributed as Copyright 2008 Wikimedia Commons user Aotearoa, and it is licensed under GFDL 1.2. That is probably only the rendering. Some database rights probably derive from the Soviet and Ukrainian topographic maps. There may also be contributions Copyright 2011 Wikipedia Commons user Nicolay Sidorov.

Any updates on subject?

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I fixed myself but only according to official cadastral data from the Republic of Moldova (