Translation of Wiki content into Nepali language

Namaste dear friends!

Lot of you would probably wonder, why to translate the wiki: the most of educated Nepali can read english.
Well, according to this result: my own country, Poland, is very high noted, last year english knowledge was higher than in Germany. I´m an exception, I never learned english :stuck_out_tongue:

Despite of that, we started one translation action in the wiki.
Looking at polish thread regarding translation: there are over 121.000 visits.

After starting this action, the quality of map has been dramatically increased.
Why? Because even for people they are higher educated is sometimes difficult to undestand the exactly meaning of some definitions. And for people with middle enlish knowledge some definitions are too complicated. We have in Poland a lot of mappers under 18. They are still learning english but are smart enough to map, when they understand descriptions.

With other words: I would ask you after starting translations because this is crucial for winning a new mappers in Nepal.

Please use this thread also for requests: which pages should be translated first.

Best regards to all Nepali friends!


Please feel free to start:

also possible contact for help ? ;

The first content, which should be translated is, I believe:

There is only knowledge of english and nepali neccesary. If somebody of you will help, I send plain text which should be translated and implement nepali translation in Wiki…

I´m hoping Mr. Budhathoki can help to find some helpers :wink:

Translation from English to Nepali seems very complicated.
But that’s not true. It is very easy.

Most importantly, we should start with short and easy tags.
For example, tags from the shop collection

1.We select Wiki page in English
2. From the top menu, click on “Other languages”.
3. From the list, right-click on नेपाली to open the page in Nepali in a separate window.
4. Go back to the site in English and click on “Edit”.
5. Select all text and copy it (Ctrl + C).
6. Go to our native blank page and paste the whole text (Ctrl + V)
7. In the template, we add a value for “description =” in the native language.

Now it will be easy. :slight_smile:

We translate the line after the line and after translating the line we remove the line with English.
For convenience, you can use Google Translate.

Of course the translation may be inaccurate, but if we understand the context, we can always improve it to make sense.

Good luck. Category:Ne:Categories

I noticed that many names have: name:np “instead of” name:ne " for nepali, this should be corrected.

Overpass turbo

This has been generated by the overpass-turbo wizard.
The original search was:
[out:xml]/*fixed by auto repair*/[timeout:25];
// gather results
  // query part for: “"name:np"=*”
// print results
out meta;/*fixed by auto repair*/
out meta qt;/*fixed by auto repair*/

Select the area and “Run” → “Export” to JOSM.


Thank you a lot! I think the most of beginners in OSM is using … facebook but this is still place for the most advanced users.