Translating Key descriptions for the next version of iD

We now have data items on OSM wiki. It can store all descriptions in every language. This category contains all keys that do not have German translations. Next version of iD will be able to use that information directly. Please help. Thanks!

Ah, nice view. I consider translating some because its easy to get spare time for that. Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

One question, is that view generated automatically? Means, when i add a DE: site, is it automatically removed from that overview?

Negreheb, yes, the category page will automatically update when Mediawiki re-renders the English version of the Key:… page - should happen within a few minutes. Thanks!

Here is an alternative way to query translations in real time. This query shows untranslated keys and tags, sorted by how often the key is used in OSM. (only key counts are available, not the value count) – . Total counts per language – .