transfer to new device


I upgraded from OsmAnd to OsmAnd Plus (i.e. unlimited) a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly via an in-app upgrade purchased on my Galaxy S5 (i.e. Android). Now I got a new Galaxy S10, transferred all apps via smart switch, but OSMand Plus now appears as OSMand.

If I go in the Google play store, it also says that I have installed OsmAnd, not the OsmAnd Plus, even though I am still using the same Google account. As for OsmAnd Plus, it just offers me to buy it again. So contrary to what´s written here, the transfer did not work. Any idea what I should do (besides buying it again)?

And a second question: suppose I get access again to OsmAnd Plus, do I have to download all the maps again? None of them were transferred by SmartSwitch.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi, I think you have to uninstall the app from the first device before installing to the new device.
OsmAnd email suport address is

Thanks BCNorwich. I am bit reluctant at this point to remove it from the first device, as then I don´t have it on either anymore, but I contacted support to see what they recommend.