In our area we have Snowman Trails(official paths/groomed trails) for snow mobiles to use in the winter, a number of the ones in my area are list as a generic multi-use path what would be the best to designate them as?

For named trails the usual approach is to create a relation of type=route with route=hiking (for instance) which includes as members the relevant multi-access ways. This is probably the sensible way of doing it.

At the present there are a very limited number of such objects tagged route=snowmobile (, but I would think many more exist but with simpler tagging such as snowmobile=yes or snowmobile=designated (

The advantages of using the route relation is that you can keep ways with different properties together (for instance a single winter trail may consist of summer roads, service roads, tracks, and even narrower paths: distinctions which may not be noticeable in winter). You can also associate a name with a given trail which may not be in use all year round.

They won’t show up on regular mapping, but can easily be retrieved by using things like overpass-turbo by just searching for route=snowmobile. (and then there is a possibility of show that information on an overlay using umap).

If you are based in the US or Canada, there are mappers who are familiar with areas with snowmobile trails (I’m thinking specifically of people like Kevin Kenny who lives in up-state NY) who might be able to give you more detailed advice.

At least in the bits of Europe I know, snowmobile=no is the more usual tag, to ensure that prepared cross-country ski trails dont get damaged!

Might want to look at

The descriptions in the tagging table are in Swedish but Google translate seems to do a reasonable job. Since the page is in the English section of the wiki maybe having an English translation of the tagging table would be a good thing.

thanks for the information. still learning some of the tags, gets confusing when a number of things all converge in the same areas.