Traffic island way that is part of a cycle and foot crossing

What is the correct way to tag a traffic island way that is part of a cycle and foot crossing? If it was just a pedestrian crossing, I’d tag the way using footway=traffic_island.

I noticed on a cycle and foot crossing that the tag cycleway=traffic_island was used, though I can’t find any mention of it in the wiki. For context, here is an example of such a way Way: 613964060 | OpenStreetMap

This got me thinking about whether cyclists legally need to dismount on traffic islands, in the UK at least. However, the cycling section of the Highway Code doesn’t elaborate on traffic islands The Highway Code - Rules for cyclists (59 to 82) - Guidance - GOV.UK

I’ve since discovered that rule 77 of The Highway Code states:

When crossing faster or busy main roads, you may find it safer and easier to

  • dismount and push your cycle across
  • wait for a safe gap in the traffic before doing so, especially on faster roads and dual carriageways
  • make use of traffic islands or central reservations to help you where appropriate.

If the traffic island is between a pair of toucan or parallel crossings, it’s reasonable to assume that no dismount is required. Adding that without explicit signage requiring (not merely requesting) a dismount would result in cycle routers taking incorrect and less safe routes.

Most of the instances of cycle=traffic_island were probably added my me. I’d create a proposal, but I’m insufficiently masochistic.