Traffic_calming or barrier?


This equipment is on a cycleway and its purpose is to dissuade unauthorized two-track vehicles from passing while authorized vehicles (service, agricultural) still can pass. It looks like a traffic_calming=choker but as it is not for calming traffic I would rather tag it as a barrier=* but do not find a suitable value. Any suggestions?

I’d suggest using traffic_calming=choker as that describes the feature. Then add appropriate access tags to it, e.g., motor_vehicle=private and to the highway itself.


add maxwidth:physical=* as it seems to truly keep wide vehicles out… no hummer here.


It’s a good question, as there is barrier=height_restrictor for height. While this may be =choker , there are some =bollard layouts for wider passageway. 画像ギャラリー | 道にポール立てたの誰!? そろり通行、無数の擦り跡… なぜ通せんぼ? | 乗りものニュース
Other combinations
The use of =island or =choked_island is dubious.