Tracks number on railway stations

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It is eligible for OSM to add the tracks number on railway stations?

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platforms indicates the total number of passenger platforms, which may differ from the total number of tracks going through the station.

Often platforms are mapped individually; you can tag each one with ref to indicate the platform number. (Sometimes these are called “track” numbers.)

If the tracks themselves are numbered, but only in the context of the station, I guess that would be a job for local_ref, but I’m not entirely sure.

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there are several track numbers, AFAIK the one visible in stations/platform number is mapped with loc_ref

you are correct (as in, more used), I was confused with the loc_ref / local_ref alternative (my guess is I am not alone)


The track may have different numbers than their platforms (sometimes the platform edge is called 5 but the track 24 because the signal box uses a different numbering scheme within the same station).

You can use railway:track_ref=* to tag the number of the track on the track. ref=* is used for the numbers of the platform. Platforms with two edges are mapped as one single (multi)polygon and get ref=<number1>;<number2>.

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ref=* for the platforms, and railway:track_ref=* for the tracks themselves. OpenRailwayMap displays this as white text on a blue background, for example:

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