Track with Intermediate destinations


I have made an route in Osmand (plan a route). I have made 5 Intermediate destinations.

Now i save the track, so i can have my 5 intermediate destinations for next time.

Next time i load the track, the 5 intermediate destinations are gone. Its just the start and finish destination that are there.

I would like it to load my 5 intermediate destinations like this: Route Preparation | OsmAnd

Is there a way to save intermediate destinations?

Thanks in advance for your help!



As far as I understand, the idea in Osmabd is that you set your intermediate markers every time you run a “navigation”

Once a marker has been passed, it’s gone

One possibility would be to export your route as a gpx file and then import it again

This would still be cumbersome, but you wouldn’t be required to set the markers by hand every time

I never tried though

Hope this helps

Thanks for your help and answer!

I did try your tips with export/import to GPX. I couldnt get it to work unfortunately.

Thanks anyway!

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