Tracing from ortofotomapa

Does anyone know whether the license from ortofotomapa on geoportal 2 allows for tracing?

If tracing is not allowed, wouldn’t it be better not to include this imagery in JOSM?

Tracing is allowed (if it wasn’t, Ortofotomapa wouldn’t be in JOSM) and this imagery is very accurate. Go on and do not worry :slight_smile:

Do you have a source for that? I prefer to be very careful with license issues.

The JOSM Maps page refers to this attribution URL.

I don’t see anything which allows us to trace imagery on that page. I suppose there has been some private communication between the Polish government and some OSM members? If so, maybe we could document that somewhere on the Wiki, if that hasn’t been done already?

We know what we do. Sure you were not searching too thoroughly :wink: -

Sorry, I didn’t mean too accuse you of not knowing what you are doing :). Thank you for the pointer to additional information.

In such a case is it possible to include geoportal data as a background in iD editor as well?

@Rekrutacja: I suggest to use JOSM editor. See this topic, point 7.

This is not an answer for my question :slight_smile:
iD editor has much better learning curve, is easier to use and for most tasks is sufficient. iD also allows me to edit on the fly. JOSM is way too complicated for my needs, and i’m really not willing to learn it.

I know, but I don’t support broken editors :wink:

But try this:

Thank you, you made my day. Ortofotomapa works in iD, wow! :slight_smile:

Do you know is NSA decision valid also for Geoportal Topo map? And if the answer is “yes” do you know how they may be used as background in iD?

OK, so i’m frustrated by the need to define “custom background” to use ortofotomapa. Anyone knows hot to request adding Geoportal to the default list of backgrounds in iD? In Slovakia there is plenty of backgrounds to choose from in iD, so this can be done just for certain area, in this case Poland. Any help will be appreciated - this will greatly help occasional users (read: people who do not and never will use JOSM) to contribute.

Napisałem requesta na githubie ale po pierwsze trzeba kolegom od imagery udowodnić, że dany link w sensie prawnym może być dodany, po drugie coś tam trzeba samemu zrobić.
Nie miałem czasu doczytać, więc temat leży.