towns and bridges in freebasic 3D flight sim

i use openstreetmap data via desktop apps sockets httppost in my freebasic osm flight simulator “flightcombat_chung_web” to generate buildings and bridges in realtime , with save data and recall on startup . Uses the power of compiled freebasic desktop application multithread program with access to whole computer ressources and is faster than webgl .

you can find it there =>

The correct link seems to be this one, where one can download your game:

(30/07/2016) flightcombat_chung_web2 version with precise openstreetmap buildings contours and position added

(03/12/2016) web2 version : offices, churches, hospitals, shops added

  • functional save / load with positions & towns & bridges openstreetmap data

(29/12/2016) web2 version : roads, highways, aeroways, runways, taxiways added