tourism=guest_house or tourism=bed_and_breakfast ?

I am Michael from Germany.
Preparing myself for a trip to Ireland next May/June I found out some geographical information about B&B-Accomodations in Ireland I would like to map.
The Wiki shows established tourism=guest_house (in use more than 15.00o times) and not established tourism=bed_and_breakfast. For bed_and breakfast I also found no proposal.

I mean, that B&B’s should be tagged as a guest_house and we should forget bed_and_breakfast, because there is a similar meaning.

What do you think about that?


Hi Michael, wie gehts !!!

The Ireland forum here hasn’t really taken off. You’ll get a better response to your question using IRC irc:// and there is a link to connect to IRC via web browser

You could also try the mailing list

There is also the Ireland OSM Wiki page too.

Hi Groundspeak,
that was my fear :frowning:
IRC and mailing lists are not my favourites and I could’n find anything about B&B on Ireland Wiki page.
I will try IRC etc later back home.

Thanks for your answer.

Same here. Apart from being easier to use the advantage of the forum is that there is an easily accessible record of ideas, debates and decisions made.

I’m sure the promoters of IRC and mailing lists will have there reasons. It’s just I can’t figure them :frowning: