I don’t like this tag and I removed it from many official buildings in my country (was added just because the building architecture is attractive for tourists). Some people tend to add it on everything when they go to a foreign country. This is one of the oldest subjective tag in OSM.

Maybe ‘tourism=yes’ suits better in this case.
Description: “To add tourist interest to something described by other tags.” see here:


I agree. But I think we could change tourism=attraction to be used only on nodes. It makes more sense, in my opinion.

Abraços, Linhares


I like the attraction tag on nodes. On several trips with osmand I discovered places in the world, which I’d never found alone. In my experience osm users are able to select and tag the “real attractions”. I wont miss it.

BUT it helps a lot, if there is not only the attraction tag but also the name of the place or a description.