Total noob

i was wondering if anyone can help on a few issues?

i just got a new gps and got a free disk to go with it with OSM australia on it and uploaded the maps to my gps my area is a bit bare so i thought id add some details

how much is too much detail?

and how accurate does it have to be as most gps have only limited accuracy, 5m average

as i just loaded the standalone executable program on disk how do i go about getting new updates? are they by way of small patch files or is a large file updated?

i tried to use image to gps but it wont detect my gps


Hi Cloudy.
Try copying and pasting this onto the GPS Australia website.
You’ll get a lot of help and advice there.

Hi Cloudyseas,

JMO, you cannot ever have too much detail. See something… I reckon feel free to add it. There is a LOT more to mapping than adding a few streets.

5m average accuracy? If only… Seriously though, a run of the mill hand-held is fine, if that is what you have. The accuracy of your** work will have a larger bearing on the final outcome.

As a starting point, I would recommend a thorough read of the wiki. As to updates, this might be helpful.