Torrent please

I know this has been discussed before and rejected. But please can someone post a torrent of the latest planet.osm? I’ve tried several times to get the whole file but each time something prevented it from finishing. Today lucky me was the day the server died killing my download at about 1.76 GB out of 5GB… then since the http server didn’t give enough detail for Safari to know the total file size it thought the file was completely downloaded and automatically unzipped it for me to 25GB or so. Worthless. So now I can’t resume it.

yet another unsuccessful attempt of mine.


I ask an individual here who is willing… to just post it on some torrent site and reply to this with the link.

My suggestion is, to watch the stats on the unofficial torrent, see how many people go for it. Use the last planet.osm of the year or the first of this year so it’s clear where to start using the daily diffs to keep up to date.

That way the OSM managers don’t have to add torrents unsure of if they’re worth the trouble, the people who need torrents can get one, and maybe in the process convince the powers that be that a weekly, monthly or torrent would be an asset.


Use a download manager (trial version)… Torrents are great I like them better than http downloads, but our servers are so fast that there is actually very little gain in adding torrent downloads. I always download the planet at speed up to 5MB/s…