Помощь в составлении карт Непала

Доброе утро всем!
Хотя я понимаю русский язык, мне сложно писать. So I write in english now, простите меня.

We are few people: Denmark, Holland, Poland. We start to draw area like this:

Why? Because Nepal has nothing, they are second poorest country behind Afghanistan and… Nepali are very nice and peaceful people.

How we work in JOSM:

  1. Draw one rectangle without tagging, for instance 3x3 km.
  2. Using PlugIn fast draw or Splinex divide this rectangle in 2 areas
  3. Generalize the curve made with splinex or Fastdraw (otherwise too many points) shortcut: SHIFT+Y (Generalization factor 0.35m)
  4. Execute Split polygon: CTRL+SHIFT+1
  5. If one area is “clean” for instance only forest, then we add tagging, e.g. natural=wood
  6. Repeat step 2 with another sub.part of polygon.

We are using tags: natural= wood/scrub/grassland/shingle/scree/sand of course water for rivers and landuse=farmland/farmyard/residential

If somebody like to try just write me.