Topic sorting not intuitive

I don’t get how topics are sorted in the category. I’ve selected “Latest” and would expect topics with the most recent answer to be on top. But they are not. Are they sorted by creation time of the topic?

I have to click Activity to get get the desired sorting order. Shouldn’t that be the default?

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I assume they’re sorted by the time of the last comment, with most recent comments first. Sorting by the creation time of the topic would be pretty odd.

Which is what the Activity column is I think but it does seem to be sorting by that for me without any interaction on my part to request it.

I checked again. It’s only in the Help and Support category that the sorting is wrong. In all other categories, posts are sorted properly by Activity column.

The #help-and-support category is sorted by the number of likes of the first message on the topic, as requested by the community to match the Help OSM functionality.

HI Nukeador. I think that was a misunderstanding.

In Help OSM the answers inside a topic are sorted by most votes. The topics within the category should be sorted as in the other categories. How would you find new questions otherwise?

But also sorting by likes inside a topic is problematic. Answers are sorted by votes on Help now but the comments to an answer will stick to it. As this seems not possible here (only on the first level) we would create total confusion if answers and their answers just get sorted by likes.


Oh, understood. It should be sorting topics by activity now :slight_smile:

Working as expected now. Thanks.

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